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Nurse Practitioner


Our Health Mission

 Our Mission: To provide high-quality patient-centered care, where each patient is treated as a valued individual. We strive to coordinate medical expertise with community resources to improve wellness to you and your family. 

We are a full-service primary care practice of dedicated, experienced providers who believe in working with our patients to maintain and improve their health. Our nurse practitioners believe in providing comprehensive health care services to our patients in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We also believe in educating our patients as we work with them to achieve the best physical state possible. 

Our nurse practitioners are certified with advance nursing education. 


Experience and Professionalism

 Adult Primary Care Services opened in 2015 to offer health care and wellness to the community. We expanded our offices in 2018 to provide a wide variety of health services to the Frederick community.
Michelle Cooper became a certified nurse practitioner in 2000. She has been dedicated to caring for patients for over 30 years in her nursing career. She graduated with her Master's degree in nursing from Saint Louis University and a post-graduate degree from University of Maryland. She has worked at Frederick Memorial Hospital, Medstar Georgetown Hospital and in outpatient physician offices. Now, she has her own office and is able to provide primary care services, order tests, lab work, and write prescriptions.

Michelle is a recipient of the 2016 Maryland State Award for Excellence in Clinical NP Practice from the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.


Other PrOviders

Kelly Watson Huffer DNP Doctor of Nursing Practice

currently working on her PhD. She is in the office on Thursdays.